What are the foREX Services that you offer?

IFX: We offer forex services ranging from lifetime membership, forex signals, account management, copy trading. We offer few signals for free only on our official Telegram Channel.

How is pro chat group membership any different?

IFX: The things that make Pro Chat Group lifetime membership unique forex services are the combination of services under one membership. It’s a private group that includes services such as basics of forex trading, guidance by the experts on entry and exit of a trade, helps you develop a strategy that best suits each verified members; everyday chart analysis; signals on major currencies, weekly webinars, and rewards, emotion control techniques. The private group is free from any sort of advertisement, bots, scammers, and channel promotions.

how much equity do you accept for account management?

IFX: We accept equity of $2000 with 50-50 profit sharing. The maximum drawdown is 15%.

are $45/mo subscription same as $30 lifetime subscription?

IFX: The Signal Subscription plan has a $45/mo subscription where you only get signals and to continue the subscription t has to be monthly while the Pro Chat Group membership has one-time fee of only $30.

How much is the profit sharing for managing accounts?

IFX: The profit sharing for managing accounts is 50-50.

How accurate are the signals?

IFX: Our signals are usually 90% accurate.