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IFX: We offer forex and crypto services such as  forex/crypto signals, account management, forex courses, pro discussion group, copy trading, trading bot, and book. We also provide free signals up to 1-2 everyday on our telegram channel.

IFX: We accept equity of $2000 with 50-50 profit sharing. The maximum drawdown is 15%.

IFX: Pro Chat group is a unique service. Because it offers different combination of services under one membership. It’s a private group that includes services such as basics of forex trading, guidance by the expert on entry and exit of a trade, helps you develop strategy that best suits each verified members; everyday chart analysis, signals on major currencies, weekly webinars, rewards, and emotion control techniques. The private group is free from any sort of advertisement, bots, scammers, and channel promotions. 

IFX: The $45/mo subscription is a monthly subscription to premium signal channel where you only get signals and market entry & exit related informations. The $45 fee has to be paid monthly to continue the service. Whereas, the Pro Chat Group membership has one time payment of only $30 for 12 months.

IFX: The profit sharing for Account Management is 50-50. 

IFX: Our signals are usually 90% accurate 

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You can also DM us on Telegram @investoforex

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for any inquiries.

Terms & Conditions

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Where to find us

You can also DM us on Telegram @JaneEdward