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Account Management

Investo Forex also provides account management service to its clients.

Dear Investors

Please read the below descriptions carefully before giving us your funds… .

  1. To make us manage your fund, it must be of minimum $2000 & there is no limit in maximum.
  2. There is no fixed amount of profits, but everyday aim is 1-10% on average (probability for more as well, depends on market situation).
  3. For account under $2000, withdrawal is on every $300 profit & for funds above $5000, withdrawal is on weekly basis.
  4. Profit will be shared 50-50.
  5. We follow strict money management and we do trade on regular basis.
  6. After you handover your account you can not place any trade, we shall not be responsible if you do so.
  7. If client’s demand for returns are 100% or more monthly no refund in case of any loss(Aggressive tradings often lead to big losses); you must provide us another account with same equity to recover the loss.